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TerraTec Producer Adds to SINE Series

Rounding out TerraTec Producer’s SINE Series are two electronic instruments—the Warp SINE 9

Rounding out TerraTec Producer’s SINE Series are twoelectronic instruments—the Warp SINE 9 (pictured), a MIDI analogmultimode filter, and the SINE MB 33 II, an analog basssynthesizer—and three studio tools: two direct in boxes and theSINE CT 1 chromatic tuner.

The heart of the 19-inch (1 RU) Warp SINE 9 is a VCF featuringhighpass, bandpass, lowpass and notch filtering modes, which can bemodulated in a variety of ways. It offers an envelope and LFO, as wellas MIDI velocity, note value and modulation wheel commands tomanipulate filter frequency. The envelope can be triggered via ananalog input, and the LFO can be synched up to MIDI clock. Alladjustments made on the 10 rotary knobs and five buttons are routed outvia MIDI and may be stored in up to 32 patches.

The sound generator of the SINE MB 33 II analog bass synthesizercomprises transistors and resistors that deliver vintage tones.Sporting a VCO with selectable saw tooth and square waves, an 18dBlowpass filter and a VCF input for external signals, the SINE MB 33 IIis a modern device featuring full MIDI support, a switchable suboscillator and a distortion effect. The 10 front panel rotary knobsserve to vary the filter’s cut-off, resonance and envelopemodulation, as well as the square wave’s pulse width and thebalance of saw tooth/square wave and sub oscillator signals.

The SINE CT 1 chromatic rack tuner serves as a tuning device forguitarists, bassists and keyboardists who play older analogsynthesizers. The device is equipped with identical 6.3mm (1/4-inch)jacks on the front and back panels. The seven-segment displayautomatically indicates the played note. The tuner’s output maybe muted while tuning by pressing the Mute button or an optionalfootswitch. An integrated tone generator (C1-B5 in semitone steps)plays the reference note of the desired instrument on demand.

The SINE DI 4, a 4-channel active direct in box, and the 8-channelSINE DI 8 round out the SINE product range. Both sport a ground liftswitch for each channel, making it easy to eliminate ground loopscaused by differences in the potential of two connected devices. Thedampening switch (20 dB and 40 dB) offers a level-matching facility forinput signals.

MSRPs include Warp SINE 9, $229; SINE MB 33 II; $299; SINE CT 1,$189; and SINE DI 4 and DI 8, 119.

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