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This Destination Studio Was a Destination Before It Was a Studio; Now It’s for Sale

By Clive Young. David Bowie, MGMT, Duncan Sheik, Suzanne Vega, Dar Williams, Donna Lewis and dozens of others recorded at this converted 1902 train station.

High Falls, NY—A good destination studio inspires creativity in its visitors, and Gerry Leonard’s home/home studio in High Falls, NY has done that for the last 17 years. Since acquiring the former Alligerville Train Station in 2001, Leonard and his wife, singer/songwriter Pamela Sue Mann, have hosted the likes of David Bowie, MGMT, Duncan Sheik, Suzanne Vega, Tony Levin, Dar Williams, Larry Campbell, Donna Lewis and dozens of others; now the house/station/studio is on the market for $650,000.

Built in 1902, the station was a quaint, quiet stop on the O&W rail line, which eventually went bust in the mid-1950s. Converted into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home soon after, the building was eventually bought by Leonard, a guitarist/producer who toured with Bowie for years as part of the Thin White Duke’s band. Now every room is wired to connect to the control room, based in the station’s original Freight Room.

In addition to sporting original features, like the ticket window that connects the living room and kitchen, the house has a unique history.

Producing David Bowie’s Landmark Berlin Trilogy

Bowie, who often came there to record demos since he owned a 60-plus acre site in nearby Woodstock, wrote “I’ll Take You There” and “The Boss of Me” from The Next Day at the kitchen table.

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Duncan Sheik’s entire White Limousine album was recorded at the site, as was MGMT’s second album and guitar parts of Dar Williams’ In the Time of Gods collection.

The couple reportedly is also willing to sell most of the musical and audio equipment to whomever buys the house. The 1,563-square-foot facility sits on a 10.7 acre lot.