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Tibbo Wins Modern Emmy

Stephen A. Tibbo's first Emmy Award came this year with some assistance from Lectrosonics wireless equipment.

Los Angeles, CA (May 31, 2011)–Stephen A. Tibbo’s first Emmy Award came this year with some assistance from Lectrosonics wireless equipment.

When you’re running location sound for TV sitcom Modern Family, the ability to capture audio efficiently and without interfering with the show’s creative process is absolutely essential. Modern Family captured six Emmy Awards after its first season, including Best Comedy, Best Writing, Best Supporting Actor, Best Editing for a comedy or drama (half hour), Best Sound Mixing for a comedy or drama (half hour), as well as one for Casting Director Jeff Greenberg.

For the show’s production sound mixer, Stephen A. Tibbo, CAS, the Emmy for Best Sound Mixing holds particular significance, as it was his first such award, though his additional credits include NBC’s Life and CBS’ Ghost Whisperer, as well as the films Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and American Pie 2.

Tibbo has a rather large Lectrosonics arsenal, most of which employs the company’s Digital Hybrid Wireless technology. Transmitters include five SMs, four SMQs, four MM400s, an HM plug-on, three UM400s, and some older UH190’s. He also uses a UT handheld transmitter on occasion when one of the actors needs a handheld mic. His receiver setup encompasses two rack mount Venue systems plus a VR Field portable system. All receiver mainframes are fully stocked with Lectrosonics VRT receiver modules for a total of 18 channels. Further, Tibbo keeps several additional VRT’s on hand as backup.

“The Lectrosonics equipment sounds great and performs beautifully for us. With all the adlibs, if one of the boom operators misses a line, I can count on it being picked up on one of the iso-tracks that I record,” said Tibbo.

“I also use a Lectrosonics IFB [interruptible foldback] setup,” he added. “I use an IFBT1 transmitter and a number of R1 IFB beltpack receivers. This equipment serves as a private line to my team, which includes boom operators Preston Conner and Dan Lipe.”