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Tony Brown


You’d never call Tony Brown subtle, but in very few (if not always cordial) words he can tell you exactly what he wants. I’ve always appreciated this about Tony as it makes my job that much easier. I remember one legendary session where the musicians were congratulating each other on how great the take was when Tony got on the talkback and told them they all had their heads up their *** (or something to that meaning). He was right, of course; the original take was a wimpy, soft, jazz kind of thing, but with Tony’s guidance it turned into a country hit.

Throughout Tony’s career, he’s been lured by pop and rock artists but he’s always resisted the temptation, claiming, “I like country music.” Instead, he continues to produce some of the most relevant country records. Tony rose through the ranks at MCA Nashville to label president so that he could influence his artists’ destiny and benefit them most. During his tenure, MCA/Universal became the biggest record company in Nashville; during that time, Tony produced records that have sold over 100 million copies and 105 Number One singles. He’s perhaps the most respected and adored music personality in Nashville, and I’m glad to call him my friend.
Chuck Ainlay, engineer/producer

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