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SOUTHEAST Projects mixed and/or mastered at owner Jose Blanco's Master House Studios (Miami) received six Latin Grammy nominations this year. Currently,

The Waybacks, from left: Joe Kyle Jr., Warren Hood, Chuck Hamilton and James Nash


Compass Records artists The Waybacks spent 10 days in Compass Sound Studio (Nashville) tracking for a spring '08 release. The Greencards and the Infamous Stringdusters are among the special guests who will appear on the album. Erick Jaskowiak recorded the sessions to Pro Tools HD using API, Millennia and Valve Audio mic pre's and Tube-Tech compression. Producer Byron House says that numerous small- to medium-sized rooms at Compass made the recording setup flexible and workable. “Whenever we needed total isolation, we actualy had six live rooms working simultaneously,” House says. “It was quite an asset to the project and an incredible feature for a medium-sized studio with a very cool studio apartment-type feel.”


Projects mixed and/or mastered at owner Jose Blanco's Master House Studios (Miami) received six Latin Grammy nominations this year. Currently, Blanco is mastering a classical album featuring the Miami Symphony with conductor/composer/director Eduardo Marturet…Dave Harris mastered recordings for Slow Runner, Mama Said, Madison Smartt Bell & Wynn Cooper, Regina Hexaphone and The Spongetones at Studio B Mastering (Charlotte, NC)…JamSync (Nashville) president KK Proffitt celebrated the tenth anniversary of the facility by adding video production to the studio's list of services. Proffitt also recently completed several surround mixes for Big Idea's VeggieTales TV/DVD series.


Avatar Studios (NYC)-based mastering engineer Fred Kevorkian mastered projects for Kelly Rowland, Blood on the Wall, the Dub Trio and Joseph Arthur. A few other recent sessions at Avatar: Mick Jagger was interviewed by The Today Show's Matt Lauer in Studio C; Chase Levy produced and Rick Kwan assisted. James Blunt was in C for a video shoot for Walmart Soundcheck. Charles Gant produced, Anthony Ruotolo engineered and Aki Nishimura assisted. Mudvayne tracked in Studio B with producer Dave Fortman, engineer Jim Keller and assistant Justin Gerrish…Monday Night Fight Club just opened a new recording studio in Manhattan. The 5,000-square-foot facility includes an SSL 4000 G+-equipped A room and a B room centered around ProControl 24…At Chung King Studios (NYC), producer Prince Paul (of De La Soul) and engineer Larry Legend spent six days tracking for children's book/CD project Baby Loves Hip Hop, part of the Baby Loves Music series. Paul assembled a cast of emcees to participate, including Chali 2na, Wordsworth, Ladybug Mecca and Scratch (from The Roots)…Producer/engineer George Walker Petit (featured in last month's “New York Metro”) mixed singer/songwriter Amy Lennard's new CD in the A and C rooms at Legacy Recording Studios (NYC). Kevin Porter assisted. The release is slated to be mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge (NYC).


Jack LeTourneau recorded, mixed and mastered the 5.1 and stereo versions of the soundtrack to the film Madison at Elabs Multimedia (Madison, WI). Also at Elabs, blues artists West Side Andy and Mel Ford Band mixed and mastered an upcoming release with producer Andy Linderman and engineer LeTourneau.


Kevin Nettleingham mastered releases for Portland, OR-area artists Eric Hatcher & The Worker Bees, Carol Schmuland, Matt Vrba, Shama and Valet at his Nettleingham Audio (Portland) studio. Nettleingham also receives numerous projects via the Web, such as recent tracks for Latvian band Zidruuns and the New Mexico-based radio show Gilbert and Friends…Guitarist Buckethead visited Studio 880 (Oakland, CA) with Guns ‘N Roses bandmate Brain. The session, for an upcoming soundtrack, was produced by Peter Scaturro and the artists. Sean Beresford engineered and Brad Kobylczak assisted.


Stephen Marsh mastered The Donnas' Bitchin', produced and engineered by Jay Ruston. Marsh works out of his Stephen Marsh Mastering in Hollywood…While on tour, Ted Wulfers stopped at Mad Dog Studios (Burbank) to record overdubs for two upcoming CDs; Eric Corne engineered…Ocean Way Studios (Hollywood) hosted some of the mixing sessions for Lyle Lovett's new album, It's Not Big It's Large. Other mixes were done at engineer Nathaniel Kunkel's Studio Without Walls. Lovett, Billy Williams and April Kimble produced the tracks, which were engineered by Kunkel.

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