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Transamerica Broken Into

On Christmas Eve (December 24, 2003), thieves broke into the facilities at Transamerica Audio Group in Las Vegas and stole a number of items from the

On Christmas Eve (December 24, 2003), thieves broke into thefacilities at Transamerica Audio Group in Las Vegas and stole a numberof items from the company’s audio inventory. Worse yet, the criminalsalso took the wrapped Christmas presents that company owner Brad Lundehad bought for his children and kept hidden at the warehouse.

Anyone with any knowledge of the stolen items should call702/365-5155 or e-mail [email protected].The missing items and serial numbers are included below.

One APEX PE 133 lx30-band very high-precision graphic EQ with threeindividual parametric EQs variable from 18 Hz to 20 kHz. Serial Number:509501240

Two APEX PE 232 2×30-band very high-precision graphic EQ with fourindividual on/off parametric EQs (two per channel) variable from 18 Hzto 20 kHz. Serial Numbers: 209601519,160201685

One pair of ATC 10 ASL 5-inch active two-way studio monitors. SerialNumbers: 401-402

One pair of ATC SCM 12 Pro Studio Monitors. Serial Numbers: 5-6

One pair of ATC TI6 pair 6.5-inch active dance two-way studiomonitors. Serial Numbers: 3174-3175

One pair of ATC 20ASL pair 6.5-inch active two-way studio monitors.Serial Numbers: 560-561

Two Brauner Phantom-C Condenser Microphones. Serial Numbers:195-196

One Brauner Valvet System with PSV power supply, SMV shock-mount.Serial Number: 72

One Brauner CI-7.5M mic cable and FCV carry case

One Daking FET Compressor Daking superfast compressor in one 19-inchrackmount unit (91579A). Serial Number: 1487

One Daking PS-4 power supply 48-volt power supply outlets for fourmodules. Serial Number: 442

Three SoundField SPS451 B Format input 5.1 decoder for use with MarkV and ST250. Supplied with 1 S451CC and 1 S45ICH surround mic patterncard. 1U, variable L/R angle and SR/LR angle. Serial Numbers: 108, 136,154

One SoundField SPS422 Stereo Output SoundField Mic with 1UController with MSA-245, stand adaptor, NN2884 20m cable. SerialNumber: C600/718

Two SoundField MK V B Format SoundField Reference Mic with 2Ucontroller, with HW2909 shockmount, 490-090 leather case, 762-001windshield and NN2884 20m cable. Serial Numbers: C976-173, 1011W106

One SoundField ST250 Portable SoundField Mic with DC powercontroller, MSA-245 stand adaptor, 762-001 windshield, NN2884 5m cableand aluminum carry case. Serial Number: w91-ST1005

Three Drawmer DC2476 24/96k Digital Stereo Mastering Processors.Serial Numbers: 217, 443, 346

Four Drawmer DL241 1/4-inch compressor/limiter/gates. SerialNumbers: 7808, 7809,7810, 7811

Two Drawmer DL241 XLR-XLR compressor/limiter/gates. Serial Numbers:5318, 5319

Four Drawmer DS201 2-channel gates. Serial Numbers: 24327, 24328,24329, 24356

One Soundelux U99 Studio Tube Microphone; variable pattern, on powersupply. Includes cable, shockmount and carry case. Serial Number:1607

Two Soundelux ELUX251 Studio Tube Microphone; cardioid, omni,figure-8 capabilities. Includes cable, shockmount and carry case.Serial Numbers: 263, 260

One Soundelux E47 new large-diaphragm tube microphone. SerialNumber: 228

One Soundelux U195 studio FET microphone; cardioid-only. Includesshockmount and wood storage box. Serial Number: 1685

One pair of Klein and Hummel 0104 active two-way studio monitor.Serial number unknown

Three Klein and Hummel 0198 three-way active mastering monitors.Pair Serial Numbers: 12120-12121; 1 Serial Number: unknown

One GML 2032 prototype. No serial number