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Trutone Grows


Engineer Joe Lambert has joined Trutone’s new New York City mastering complex after a five-year stay at Classic Sound Studios, where he worked on projects for k.d. lang, John Lee Hooker, Jefferson Airplane and many others.

photo: Robin Gentile Photography

Lambert brought in a Pro Tools|HD system, which complements his primary Sonic Solutions mastering system. The studio was previously stocked with Ampex ATR-102 and Studer A-80 tape decks, augmented by a Prism Dream AD-2 and a pair of new Lavry M.DA 824 converters for monitoring. Trutone’s in-house tech guru Carlos Cordero performed extensive mods on the vintage Neumann SP-78 mastering console to facilitate adding a Manley Stereo Variable MU compressor, Manley Massive Passive and a Weiss EQ1 MK 2. “This studio represents my fantasy mastering room,” enthused Lambert.