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TryAudio Chooses Japan’s First D5 Live

TryAudio’s Masaaki Azuma recently took delivery of a DiGiCo D5 Live 56EX for his live operations in Japan.

TryAudio’s Masaaki Azuma recently took delivery of a DiGiCo D5Live 56EX for his live operations in Japan. The company also tookdelivery of a DiGiTracs hard disk multitrack recorder to develop a newmarket for live concert recording.

Pictured from left: Takafumi Asahina, Shinco Yamada of ComodoMattinaand Masaaki Azuma of TryAudio

“I knew of the D5’s existence from my overseas friendsin the P.A. business and first saw the D5 at the FrankfurtMusikMesse,” said Azuma. “At that time, I was given a15-minute ‘how to use’ explanation and was surprised thatthe D5 not only has a method of operation like an analog mixingconsole, but it is also very easy to setup. The D5 56EX version hasmany functions and doesn’t take up a large amount of space at themix position.

“I took a big risk with the D5,” Azuma continued,“because we are the first user in Japan. But it has manyadvantages such as fantastic sound quality, clear sound image, easyoperation and a variety of dynamics that analog consoles do not have,and this made it an easy choice. After extensively using the D5 in manyapplications, I feel it is the Number One digital mixing system. Itsmany mechanical, electronic and software features place it way ahead ofanything else available today.”

TryAudio provides services to major Japanese tours and festivals,and to major artist from overseas such as Jamiroquai, Fat Boy Slim, RedHot Chili Peppers and Oasis, among others.

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