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Universal Adds DI to Sound

Universal City, CA (October 22, 2010)--The new EFILM suite at Universal Studios now locates DI services within the sound department.

Universal City, CA (October 22, 2010)–The new EFILM suite at Universal Studios now locates DI services within the sound department.

The custom-built EFILM suite is co-located with the Universal Studios’ full-service post production sound facilities, which include feature and television mixing stages, sound editorial and design rooms, picture editing suites and a range of sound services. EFILM is a subsidiary of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.

The new suite will allow filmmakers to finish picture with the EFILM colorist while supervising their sound mix, saving time during a feature film’s post production schedule. In addition to a color correction room, the suite offers office space with a lounge and kitchen. The suite is Wi-Fi enabled and is staffed by Universal’s gourmet client services.

Clients will be able to review uncompressed (2K 4:4:4) of their digital intermediate, dailies or trailers while at Universal Studios, and could expand to interactive sessions with EFILM’s Hollywood and New York locations upon request. Clients will have real-time access to all of their scans or media over a secure private dedicated fiber. Once the color timing of the Digital Intermediate is completed, the record out to film would be done at EFILM’s Las Palmas location in Hollywood.

The EFILM suite at Universal Studios will have an interchangeable film and digital system with white and silver screens to accommodate both XpanD and RealD 3D systems as well as normal 2D projection.

“The addition of the EFILM DI suite is part of our continuing efforts to offer clients an efficient, comfortable, creative space to achieve their vision,” said Chris Jenkins, senior vice president, Universal Studios Sound.

“With today’s post production schedules becoming tighter, clients who wish to do their color timing and sound mix at Universal Studios now have that option,” said Kevin Dillon, executive vice president and general manager of EFILM. “We are delighted that Universal chose us to round out their suite of services for filmmakers.”


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