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Universal Audio 2-1176 Debuts on Norah Jones Album

Universal Audio’s new 2-1176 Twin Vintage Limiting Amplifier was used extensively on the new Norah Jones album

Universal Audio’s new 2-1176 Twin Vintage Limiting Amplifierwas used extensively on the new Norah Jones album, Feels LikeHome.

Engineer and mixer Jay Newland worked with producer Arif Mardin onboth Jones’ previous album and the new one and used one of thefirst 2-1176s on Feels Like Home. Newland owns two vintage 1176sand two LA-3As that he used on Jones’ first album. Beforeembarking on the second album, he acquired a UA 6176 and the2-1176.

Pictured from left: Kirk Imamua, Tino Passante, Arif Mardin(producer), Norah Jones and Jay Newland (engineer)

“The 2-1176 was used on every song on Norah’s new record.Recording and mixing, I would have to call it the perfect everyday,‘go to’ piece of gear. From subtle to slamming, it soundsgreat on everything: overheads, room mics, acoustic guitars,vocals—really fantastic,” commented Newland.

“On Norah’s record, there are a lot of songs with twoguitars: left and right. The 2-1176 pulls them out but somehow connectsthem together in a very cool way. At my home studio, it is the path forall the vocals: lead and background.”

Newland is planning to add the UA 2192 Master Audio Interface AD/DAto his arsenal.

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