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Music Production

University of Rochester Nets New API Console

New console aids learning process for audio students.

Rochester, NY (October 7, 2019)—The University of Rochester has installed a new, specially commissioned API 32-channel 1608-II console , to be used as part of the school’s Audio and Music Engineering Program.

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Because it’s used in an educational facility, the desk was chosen not only for its sound but also for its use in aiding the learning processes for students, particularly in terms of signal flow. Stephen Roessner, a Grammy-winning audio engineer and lecturer at the university noted, “Students are engaging with an analog console that has many routing options, adapting their workflow for their needs in and out of the box, and utilizing the impeccable mic pres and EQ’s for any style of music they wish to record and mix.”

He added that “the ability to add the API 529 Compressor to the console for mix buss routing is an incredible feature which gives students sonically interesting options while working on the console.”

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The console sale was facilitated by Adam Levin of Washington Music Center.

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