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Upgrades: MOTU DP

Digital Performer 4.1 is a free update for Version 4.0 users, adding support for the Digidesign Audio Engine (DAE) and running Audio Units plug-ins and virtual instruments.

Digital Performer 4.1 is a free update for Version 4.0 users, addingsupport for the Digidesign Audio Engine (DAE) and running Audio Unitsplug-ins and virtual instruments.

The update will also include numerous other enhancements, such as anew virtual instrument tracks. Other features include:

Digital Performer 4.1 can serve as a complete software front end forPro Tools|HD or Mix systems, providing users with full access to theirTDM plug-ins and automated Pro Tools mixing environment. DP 4.1supports fully expanded Pro Tools systems at any sample rate up to 192kHz.

The upgrade serves as an Audio Units host, in which users can openand operate as many Audio Units-compatible plug-ins and virtualinstruments as their computer allows.

DP 4.1’s new Virtual Instrument tracks give users access to all AU-and MAS-compatible virtual instrument plug-ins installed on theircomputer. Virtual Instruments can be created by choosing the desiredinstrument directly from the Add Instrument Track command submenu. Or,they can choose the desired instrument from the special instrumentinsert at the top of the Inserts section in the mixing board. Theremaining insert slots provide DSP plug-ins (in both MAS and AUformats), which can be applied to the virtual instrument’s outputsignal. DP 4.1 users can create as many instrument tracks as they wish,and open as many virtual instruments as their computer-processingresources allow. DP 4.1’s virtual instrument support providesnear-sample-accurate timing performance.

Also featured, users can choose from a list of document templateswhen opening a new project. For example, one template provides 16 MIDItracks and 32 audio tracks. Users can create, save and use their owntemplates, as well.

The new Recent Documents item in DP 4.1’s File menu provides asubmenu list of the last 10 DP4 projects that have been opened,allowing users to quickly access recent work.

DP 4.1’s Shift command now provides an option to shift any selectedmaterial directly to any marker in the project. Also new, the “Snap toMarker” menu item is checked, objects dragged in DP 4.1’s MIDI andaudio graphic editors snap to the nearest marker location when theyapproach the marker. In previous versions of Digital Performer, userscould access each track’s input and output assignments from a menubelow the track name. Now, the input and output can now be displayedbelow the track name. Users can choose to show or hide the input/outputdisplay.

Finally, DP 4.1’s ability to import/export OMF files has beenimproved.

Digital Performer 4.1 will be provided as a free download to allregistered Version 4.0 users. The update will be posted on Friday,August 8, 2003, at For moreproduct news, visit