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Music Production

USF Revamps Student Miking Options

Music Department program director, chair and tonmeister Miles Fulwider oversaw transition

Fort Wayne, IN (October 9, 2018)—The University of Saint Francis’ Music Department, which prepares students for a professional career in the performing arts, recently finished another performance season that made use of DPA Microphones for all the department’s concerts and recordings.

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USF Music Department program director, chair and tonmeister Miles Fulwider has used DPA microphones for more than a decade on many different projects, including traditional orchestra and acoustic ensemble recordings, concerts and 3D immersive audio applications. “This year, we used DPA mics for a couple of high-profile professional sessions,” said Fulwider.

The department’s DPA inventory includes d:dicate 4011 cardioid, d:sign 4098 supercardioid gooseneck, d:facto 4018 vocal and d:vote 4099 instrument microphone models.

“Also, our music ensembles just finished up on their performance season and DPA microphones were heavily used. From flying the microphones above our choir to miking the drumkit in our jazz ensemble, the microphones have become a welcomed addition to our studio and stage equipment,” said Fulwider.

He noted, “Regardless of the genre, students have heard the difference, clarity and overall performance of these microphones and prefer to work with them for all sessions. It is not only easier for them to hear the source material, but also to make better educated decisions about placement and techniques. With the use of DPA’s microphones, students understand what the physical and technical ramifications of subtle microphone movements are during a recording or performance. It trains their ears to hear those differences, so they can make more educated decisions.”

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In addition to the USF Music Department’s use of DPA mics, the school-sponsored Jesters, a performing arts group composed of 80-plus individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities ranging in age from eight to senior citizen, used DPA mics for its annual spring performance.

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