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Music Production

VEVA Sound Moves Into United Recording

Archiving company VEVA Sound takes up residence at United.

Hollywood, CA (May 22, 2018)—Recording in Hollywood is now home to music preservation and archiving company VEVA Sound, which has relocated its headquarters from Burbank.

“We were looking for a label-agnostic studio in Los Angeles and United Recording was the obvious choice,” explained Drew Waters, vice president, VEVA Sound Los Angeles. “United Recording has been around for 60 years and is one of those rare studios that remains relevant and revered by high-profile artists.”

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VEVA Sound will occupy a recently renovated second-floor executive suite that once housed Frank Sinatra’s office when his Reprise Records label resided at United Recording.

“We’re pleased to welcome VEVA Sound to United Recording,” said Rob Goodchild, United Recording’s studio manager. “The renovation of our second floor is comprised of three new executive suites, enabling us to provide a symbiotic environment to talented members of the music community like VEVA Sound and other leading companies seeking to operate under the United banner.”

Through partnerships with The Recording Academy, The Library of Congress, DDEX, NDSA and NDIIP, VEVA Sound creates technologies that allow clients to identify and properly credit their music collections, whether legacy recordings stored on analog or digital tape or current born digital projects.

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“We work with audio assets post-recording, so it makes sense for us to center ourselves in a studio that has a steady flow of artists, their teams and associated labels,” added Waters. “This ‘strategic serendipity’ positions us in a mutually beneficial setting to interact with many facets of the industry. Labels are always seeking turnkey solutions and what better place to have that solution than at United Recording.”

VEVA has recently released a free DAW-agnostic plug-in (SCP- Studio Collect Plugin) that tracks detailed session information (metadata) that travels with all session collaborators and exports a valid DDEX RIN file, so that the metadata can travel into the industry using the global standard defined by DDEX.

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