Visioneering Opens Tesseract Demo Screening Room

Visioneering Design has completed a demo screening room for its Tesseract high-power, three-way, tri-amplified loudspeaker systems designed and TMH-qualified by Tomlinson Holman

Visioneering Design has completed a demo screening room for itsTesseract high-power, three-way, tri-amplified loudspeaker systemsdesigned and TMH-qualified by Tomlinson Holman, which will be used inprofessional screening rooms, dubbing theaters, film and digital cinematheaters, and high-end home theaters. The systems are manufactured byVisioneering Design (Chatsworth, Calif.), founded by Ron Lagerlof.

Pictured in the new demo theater are (from left) Ron Lagerlof andstaff members David Del Boccio, Faneesha Russo, Geoff Blake, JoeVanella and Ron Eckerman. Photo: David Goggin

Central to the Tesseract LMH-1 loudspeaker system (pictured) is aTomlinson Holman custom-designed crossover, dividing the main screenchannels into low, mid and high-frequency outputs to feed the tri-ampedL/C/R speaker cabinets. The screen and surround outputs are passedthrough the "Inverse EQ" filter, allowing for flat response in"noncinema" playback mode. High-quality components are used throughout,including Dynaudio and Electro-Voice drivers and THAT Corp.differential input amplifiers in the crossover for superb CMRRrejection and extremely low noise.

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