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VTG A/V Snake

Debuting at NAB 2004, VTG’s new cable reel, the A/V Snake, will be distributed by Horizon Music Inc., Rapco International and VTG Broadcast Group

Debuting at NAB 2004, VTG’s new cable reel, the A/V Snake,will be distributed by Horizon Music Inc., Rapco International and VTGBroadcast Group. The portable reel has one flexible cable that containsfour balanced audio lines and six 75-ohm video lines, and can beadapted for many different uses.

“The portable reel is advantageous because it allows the userto determine the amount of the cable that is needed,” commentedEddie Keys, VTG product specialist engineer. “They can choose touse all 100 feet or much less, and additional custom-built lengths areavailable up to 150 feet.”

The A/V Snake has an all-welded steel frame with four 3-inch lockingcasters on the bottom for easy portability. The four balanced audiolines are 24-gauge cable and are useful when running microphones,instruments or any other balanced audio line to a mixing board. The sixvideo lines are video component-type cable and can be used forprojectors, monitors or any other video display.

The snake keeps all of the wires together in one flexible cable,eliminating kinks, snags or tangles.

The A/V snake will be available through installers, integrators andlocal retailers.

In other VTG news, the company’s new A/V (ENG) Bulk Wire andAES/EBU Digital Bulk Wire are designed for a variety of cablingsolutions and are available in made-to-order specifications. The A/V(ENG) Bulk Wire and the AES/EBU Digital Bulk Wire are distributed bythe VTG Broadcast Group and are also available through RapcoInternational and Horizon Music Inc. Both wires are CaliforniaProposition 65-compliant to be lead- and cadmium-free.

“The electronic news gathering wire is designed to run onstageor in the field, for live broadcasts or any other application requiringa high level of confidence and dependable audio/videotransmission,” said Cody May, director of engineering at VTGCorporation. “The ENG wire comes standard with four audio pairsand six video coaxial cables that are all color-coded and containedwithin one jacket. However, clients can also custom-design this cableto have 10 audio and 10 video or any other combination.”

Key features and specifications of the A/V (ENG) Bulk Wire includefour pairs 22-AWG stranded tinned copper and polypropylene insulated,shielded and jacketed.

“The AES/EBU digital wire was designed to meet the AES3 PHYstandard,” continued May. “Manufacturing the cables, plugsand terminating it all in-house provides us with significantadvantages. This allows us to control the levels of attenuation,crosstalk, resistance, product life and other metrics detrimental forhigh-quality audio performance. The end result is a superior cableassembly. The wire is for AES/EBU digital audio applications where youneed to connect a console or router to any other source or destination,such as a digital recorder. It is a 24-gauge cable that comes in two,four, six, eight, 12 or 16 pairs, so regardless of the application, wehave a cable that meets nearly every requirement.”

Key features and specifications of the AES/EBU Digital Bulk Wireinclude availability in availability in two, four, six, eight, 12 and16 pairs; multi-pair 24-AWG stranded tinned copper; cellularpolyethylene insulated, shielded and jacketed; and overall PVC jacketedand shielded.

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