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VTG Corporation Launches Design, Pricing Tool

VTG, the parent company of Horizon Music Inc. and Rapco International, have launched Net CAD, powered by StarDraw®

VTG, the parent company of Horizon Music Inc. and RapcoInternational, have launched Net CAD, powered by StarDraw®, whichis an online end-to-end design and pricing tool for clients who arebuilding custom installations. Net CAD will be used by both HorizonMusic Inc. and Rapco International.

The Net CAD center will give customers a complete list of productsand pricing. “Customers can design an installation, price it andapprove it any time of day or any day of the week,” continuedSeabaugh. “Horizon and Rapco can receive the CAD files directlyfrom their client’s data and build the custom product. We expectNet CAD to expedite the quoting process and greatly reduce productiontime, as well as eliminate mistakes.”

Based on technology, Net CAD is delivered by a Webserver and works from within a browser so there is nothing to downloador install in the conventional sense. It comprises a drag-and-dropinterface linked to a complete library of all of Horizon Music’sand Rapco’s panel products so users simply select the panel theywant, drag on the connectors that are needed and set engraving,finishes, artwork, etc. The resulting design is linked in real time viaXML to back-office systems. Once the design is complete, a separatepopup report delivers an instant quote. This system can support verycomplex pricing models: setup charges, product charges, variablecharges (such as engraving by character) and pricing by user profile;discounts may be based on the user and the type of account.

“Net CAD will create an entirely new avenue for doing businesswith our customers,” said Darius Seabaugh, VP of sales andmarketing at VTG Corporation. “Net CAD will allow our customersto log on and sign in to Horizon Music’s or Rapco’sWebsites and design custom rack panels, wall plates or whatever elsethey have in mind. Customers can also design their own laser engravingsand logos for the installations they are working on.”

David Snipp, CEO, said, “Net CAD is thedefinition of a cutting-edge solution. Not only does Net CAD, the world’s first online CAD application, as itsengine, it also, for the first time, offers a totally integratedsolution by linking the design process directly with Horizon’sand Rapco’s back-office database systems in real time throughHTTP and XML. As a result, it is fast, flexible, powerful and of realbenefit to Horizon’s and Rapco’s customers.”

For more information, visit Horizon Music or Rapco online at or,respectively.