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Warner Bros. Studios Post Production Services

Warner Bros. Studios Post Production Services has secured its place in the history of film and media post. At two locations - Warner Bros. Studios in

Warner Bros. Studios Post Production Services has secured its place in the history of film and media post. At two locations – Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank and the Goldwyn Sound Facility at “The Lot” in Hollywood – Warner Bros. offers a complete array of audio post services that continues to build on its legacy of expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Facilities and staff can be tailored to meet virtually any post-production need, and thanks to the economies of scale that such a large facility can offer, every service is competitively priced, with customized post-production packages easily arranged.

The range of services at WBPPS is comprehensive and audio networking is available throughout the facility. ADR, Foley and narration services are accomplished on dedicated stages, with EDnet-based ISDN remote recording and monitoring capability available from each site, manned by industry-leading artists, mixers and technicians. All standard formats of recording and projection are available.

Between two locations, WBPPS offers 11 re-recording and scoring stages – including the legendary Eastwood Scoring Stage, which was originally built in 1929. Rededicated to Clint Eastwood in April 1999, the scoring stage underwent an extensive restoration that included installation of a new console, along with vocal and percussion booths. At 5,000 square feet, the Eastwood Scoring Stage has room for a 120-member orchestra and a custom nine-foot Steinway piano, and has been the choice for top feature film and television composers for over three decades.

Other major services include full digital and analog editorial; the Burbank facility alone has over 30 editorial rooms equipped with the latest digital audio technology and staffed by award-winning sound editors and supervisors. For sound design, editors can access the massive WB sound effects library. The studio’s Projection Services department offers screening facilities ranging in size from 24 to 516 seats; the rooms can accommodate all analog and digital release formats – SDDS, Dolby Digital and DTS – as can the sound transfer facilities.

Warner Bros. is also known for its commitment to and excellence in motion picture soundtrack recovery and restoration. The Sound Preservation & Archival Facility’s creative and dedicated staff have developed specialized equipment and techniques to recover and transfer classic soundtracks from deteriorating magnetic film, tape and optical stock, while the DVD-Audio Mastering group has restored hundreds of soundtracks for DVD release. With six fully equipped digital production rooms and complete NTSC and PAL capability, this group has ensured that the extraordinarily high standards of feature audio quality are faithfully replicated for the home environment.

“What we’ve managed to accomplish here is to create a boutique atmosphere within a full-service audio post environment,” observes Norman G. Barnett, Senior Vice President of Post Production Services. “And that’s allowed us to successfully bring these services to the entire range of the entertainment industry, from major motion pictures and television to independent films and new media.”