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Waves Releases Transform Bundle

Waves' Transform Bundle—a collection of new sound-transformation tools—offers four plug-ins: Sound Shifter, Doubler, TransX and Morphoder, supporting sample rates up to 96 kHz.

Waves’ Transform Bundle—a collection of newsound-transformation tools—offers four plug-ins: Sound Shifter,Doubler, TransX and Morphoder, supporting sample rates up to 96kHz.

Sound Shifter (pictured) allows shaping of time and pitch with theability to pitch-shift over an octave with a time ratio of 50% to 200%,allows users to fit music to any duration while maintaining fidelity,punch, groove and transients without smearing. A preset libraryprovides presets for common time- and pitch-related applications.

The Doubler adds dimensions and fattens up tracks withdouble-tracking, exciter-style and harmonization-type effects. Two- orfour-voice doubling is provided with 100-cent detune range, plus oneoctave downshift, and up to 200 cents of pitch modulation, providing alarge range of effects with maximum control, including independentgain, pan, delay, feedback, detune and modulation settings for eachvoice.

TransX shapes attacks and transients, and controls and shapesdynamics for punch without artifacts. TransX includes wideband andmultiband transient-contour shaping, automatic transient detection, andcontrol over transient sensitivity, balance, release and threshold.

Morphoder expands upon the concept of a vocoder, but adds featuressuch as formant shifting and compressor-enhanced filter-releasedynamics and many others.

The Transform Bundle supports native and TDM systems via TDM, RTASand AudioSuite for both Windows (including XP) and Mac (including OS X)systems. The Bundle is now available and is priced at $1,200 (native)and $2,400 (TDM).

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