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Where Electronic and Acoustic Merge


Doug Wyatt (L) and
Cristoffer Lundquist

photo: Justin Winokur

Doug Wyatt — inventor of key music technologies including OMS (Open Music System) software, which he co-designed with Opcode’s founder Dave Oppenheim — has returned to his musical roots. Fusing high technology and classic analog instruments and production techniques, Wyatt is currently ensconced in producer Cristoffer Lundquist’s (Roxette, Ulf Lundell, Lio) Sweden-based studio, The Aerosol Grey Machine (AGM,, working on his next album, which is due out next month.

The team (including creative director/co-producer Justin Winokur) is digging into old pump organs, tube amps, cembalo (an ancient instrument like a harpsichord — only bigger), Hammond and Wurlitzer organs, Rhodes electric piano, vintage distortion pedals, tape loops for analog delay, and several acoustic pianos and toy pianos. The album will be recorded to 40 tracks of analog tape — a 16-track and 24-track locked together — and mixed on an analog console with vintage analog outboard effects and dynamics.

“Normally, the acoustic and electronic worlds have some objection to each other, but here they will be blended together seamlessly,” Winokur said. “The music bridges and marries an organic feeling with ambient and electronics so that the style isn’t defined by the gear.”