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White Mark Builds New LIPA Hub

White Mark’s latest build, for the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, included a TV studio, production gallery and sound control area.


Liverpool, UK (December 30, 2019)—Acoustic design consultancy White Mark oversaw the conversion of a traditional theater at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts) into a multifunction space that is now acting as a hub for its new Creative Technologies and Performance course, which launched this year.

The project involved building a TV studio, production gallery and sound control area into the existing space, along with motion capture rooms, grading rooms and a 5.1 audio dubbing suite. White Mark’s role included working closely with building contractors to ensure that the new facilities were delivered on time and to accurately reflect the real world facilities students will encounter when they eventually leave LIPA at the end of their degree courses.

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“This was an incredibly ambitious project, not least because of the timescale involved, which was very tight,” says Jon Thornton, head of sound technology at LIPA. LIPA was founded in 1995 by lead patron Sir Paul McCartney and principal Mark Featherstone-Witty.

“For various reasons, the project had a few false starts and it was only when we called in White Mark that we were able to get it back on track. They immediately understood the issues we were facing and were able to draw up new plans to resolve them. They also understood the time constraints and knew we absolutely had to have the main TV studio ready for students to use at the end of September, which was achieved. The remaining facilities were completed throughout the autumn and the entire project is now finished.”

The new facilities are reportedly being equipped to the highest standard in terms of audio and video gear and incorporate industry brand names such as Calrec, Avid and Blackmagic.

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