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Wiedmann Prefers Lexicon Plug-in

Salt Lake City, Utah (December 7, 2010)--Frederik Wiedmann uses the Lexicon LXP Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle for his complex movie scores.

Salt Lake City, Utah (December 7, 2010)–Frederik Wiedmann uses the Lexicon LXP Native Reverb Plug-In Bundle for his complex movie scores.

Wiedmann has composed music for more than 20 feature films, including Return to House on Haunted Hill, The Hills Run Red, Mirrors 2, Beneath, Hellraiser: Revelations and Ecstasy, as well music for various TV series. He is equally adapt at drama, action, horror, thriller, comedy and adventure, and is extremely particular about achieving the perfect sonic texture to accompany the on-screen action.

“I’ve always prized the natural ambience and inviting quality of Lexicon reverbs, and I’m thrilled that Lexicon now has a native plug-in version of their hardware reverbs,” said Wiedmann. “I like to use plug-ins rather than hardware, because I like to be able to have all my sounds as files that can be instantly recalled, so I can just open my file or template and everything is set as it should be.”

The PC- and Macintosh-compatible plug-in bundle is designed to work with DAWs like Pro Tools and Logic, as well as with any other VST, Audio Unit or RTAS-compatible host. It offers four of Lexicon’s algorithms–Chamber, Hall, Plate and Room–plus 220 studio presets.

Wiedmann continued, “The LXP is an outstanding plug-in that completely does justice to the hardware version–and has changed the way I work. The ability to recall a cue and its reverb setting with 100 percent accuracy is a great asset and time saver.”

“I am using the LXP plug-in extensively for my film music, for live orchestral mixing as well as mixing solo vocalists and instruments.” Wiedmann noted. He concluded, “The body and the decay of the reverbs have so much ‘life’ in them – simply beautiful.”