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Wigwam Acoustics Takes Lake Contour on the Road With Radiohead, Westlife

Wigwam Acoustics, located close to Manchester in the north of England, has taken delivery of a pair of Lake Contour digital loudspeaker processors for

Wigwam Acoustics, located close to Manchester in the north ofEngland, has taken delivery of a pair of Lake Contour digitalloudspeaker processors for use initially on major tours by Radioheadand Westlife. Wigwam is a sister company of Eighth Day Sound (HighlandHeights, Ohio).

“They work really well and we’re really happy with the product,”said Chris Hill, hire director at Wigwam Acoustics. Hill reported thatthe company is currently working the units into its rental inventoryand familiarizing the company’s technicians with their operation.

The two units were purchased primarily for their equalization andfiltering capabilities. “We only have one system that needs speakermanagement, which is the L-Acoustic V-DOSC system, so we’re using themas equalizers with the remote tablet,” Hill said.

“One Lake Contour unit is going out on the Radiohead tour, whichgoes out around Australia and Japan,” Hill continued. That unit will beupgraded to incorporate Lake’s stereo AES/EBU digital input and outputin time for the tour, which featured a digital front-of-house console.The second Lake Contour unit, which will also shortly be upgraded tothe digital version, is going out with Westlife, who are scheduled for12 weeks of sold-out arena shows in the UK and Europe from late Marchto mid-June.

Hill expects the company to eventually take more Lake Contours intoinventory. “Obviously, we’re looking to expand our number of units,” hesaid. “With our sister company in America buying quite a number ofunits, as their clients come over here, we’ll need to servicethem.”

Recent tour contracts for Wigwam have included Prince, Eminem,Björk, Blue, Moby, Ronan Keating and Barry Manilow, in addition toproviding gear for London’s West End theater district and touringtheater markets, and technical services to long-term productions suchas The Lord of the Dance.

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