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Winfield Adds CAD

Independent producer/engineer Sterling Winfield recently put CAD's M9 mic to work during a recording project in New Zealand.

New Zealand (August 11, 2011)–Independent producer/engineer Sterling Winfield recently put CAD’s M9 mic to work during a recording project in New Zealand.

Winfield has a track record that includes working with Pantera, Hellyeah, Damageplan, Mercyful Hate, King Diamond, Hatebreed and other metal bands over course of his career. His work as an engineer and producer with Pantera includes credit as co-producer and engineer for the band’s Grammy-nominated, gold-certified record, Reinventing the Steel.

Recently in New Zealand to produce an album from local heavyweights Legacy of Disorder, Winfield was looking for a multipurpose vocal mic that would cover a wide range of softer to aggressive sounds, and the engineer/owner at Wellington’s STL Audio studios handed him a CAD M9.

First turned on to CAD Trion 8000 mics at Nomad studios in Carrollton, TX, Winfield was willing to check out the M9–not the most obvious choice for hard-driving metal vocals. As he puts it, “I tried the M9 and it turned out really well because I normally don’t use a large diaphragm condenser microphone on both the softer and more aggressive vocals. It had everything I needed: a nice smooth high end and it could take a punch in terms of proximity effect, which is surprising for a tube mic.”

“The M9 really holds its own,” he continues. “Other tube mics just don’t have that kind of proximity effect, but for some of these heavy metal vocals, I really need that ‘in your face’ impact when the vocalist crowds the mic, or for low vocal and whisper tracks when I’m texturing something. I could crank the gain on the preamp and the vocalist could really get in there and eat the mic; it wasn’t too boomy, with a really nice low-end presence.”

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