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Winter NAMM: Arturia minimoog V

Arturia introduced the minimoog V, a faithful reproduction of Bob Moog's original Minimoog.

Arturia introduced the minimoog V, a faithful reproduction of BobMoog’s original Minimoog. Offering all the features of the original,the software version also brings polyphony, MIDI management andpresets, as well as new functions such as a modulation matrix, LFO,arpegiator, chorus and delay.

Arturia used its TAEĀ® proprietary technology for emulatinganalog circuits to offer high-quality sound, including sharp filters,aliasing-free oscillators and soft-clipping limitation. The minimoog Valso comes with hundreds of presets made by some of the most talentedMinimoog users.

Original features include three oscillators offering multiplewaveforms (the third oscillator can modulate either the first twooscillators or the filter); one mixer with a built-in overload circuit;one 24dB/octave resonant filter; two ADSR envelope generators; oneexternal audio input; and one external oscillator and filter modulationinput. New features include one modulation matrix offering up to sixdifferent connections between 12 sources and 32 destinations, one LFOthat can be synchronized on the tempo of the host sequencer, onearpeggiator that can also be synchronized in the same way; onethree-mode chorus; one stereo delay to be synchronized via MIDI and thepossibility to synchronize Osc2 on Osc1.

Arturia estimates the minimoog V’s release date will be the end ofFebruary to early March 2004.

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