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Wisycom RF Captures Autumn Price

Henri Rapp had his gear onhand while working on location for Autumn Price.

Cleveland, OH (March 16, 2018)—Freelance production sound mixer and recording studio engineer Henri Rapp uses Wisycom’s RF solutions for his location shoots, most recently deploying the company’s equipment on a diverse selection of projects.

Based primarily in the Midwest region of the United States, Rapp uses Wisycom’s MCR42 UHF miniature camera receiver and MTP30S wideband bodypack transmitters with Sanken’s COS-11D lavalier microphones.

Tackling RF for the Super Bowl

Rapp had his gear onhand while working on location for Autumn Price: “It rained the entire time we were shooting. I stepped out of a pop-up tent with my gear bag to begin shooting and a puddle of water poured directly onto my bag. Fortunately, the gear took it like a champ. Wisycom has built quality products that are durable and can withstand the elements during any situation and environment.”

Other recent jobs include the indie film, Candy Corn; a political campaign commercial, “Joe for Jobs;” and a Foot Locker spot titled “New Kid in Town,” featuring Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas.

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The built-in frequency scanner in the MCR42 is used to ensure that Rapp is working on clean channels. “The ability for wideband tuning has given me flexibility and future-proofing during production,” he says. “This feature is very useful, especially with the ever-densely packed spectrum with the 600 MHz band going away. The multi-vendor compatibility of Wisycom is also really valuable when coordinating with other mixers on larger crews.”

Rapp added, “I’ve been extremely impressed with the power consumption of the transmitters. Battery changes can be cumbersome for talent, especially those with intricate wardrobe, so I was amazed when I was averaging 12 hours on a single battery charge,” says Rapp. “I don’t have to change batteries nearly as often, if at all, over the course of a shoot. Not only do I appreciate this, but the talent does as well.”

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