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WKSU Opens with A-T

WKSU Akron News Bureau's newly completed Main Street Studio in Akron, OH has been outfitted with Audio-Technica's AT4050/LE microphones and ATH-M50s/LE.

Stow, OH (April 16, 2013)-WKSU Akron News Bureau’s newly completed Main Street Studio in Akron, OH has been outfitted with Audio-Technica’s AT4050/LE microphones and ATH-M50s/LE.

WKSU news bureaus located in Cleveland, Canton, and Akron, OH, along with the station’s main news operations housed at the WKSU Broadcast Center on the main campus of Kent State University, provide in-depth regional news coverage to complement NPR-delivered news reports. The Main Street Studio is positioned in the shadow of the Federal Building in downtown Akron and around the corner from the county courthouse and government offices.

The Main Street Studio project involved retrofitting and soundproofing a first floor office in the United Building, including the supplementation of a standard street-front window with a custom designed acoustic window created to eliminate street noise from one of Akron’s busiest nearby intersections. Inspired in part by WGN’s sidewalk studio in Chicago, the project creates an interactive environment bringing WKSU news literally to the public.

A total of five Audio-Technica AT4050/LE limited edition 50th anniversary multi-pattern condenser microphones were chosen for the studio’s announcer position and four guest positions. Its omni, cardioid and figure-of-eight patterns add flexibility to the studio’s capacity when the need to record vocals and musical instrumentation arises.

Five Audio-Technica model ATH-M50s/LE limited edition professional studio monitor headphones complement the microphone selection for the production staff and on-air talent.