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WSDG Room is Catnip for DJ Duo

Production team dresses up mixes inside ‘vest-pocket’ room.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (April 17, 2019)—WSDG Walters-Storyk Design Group has completed a new production room for Brazilian hit recording duo Cat Dealers, who broke onto the global charts in 2017 with a smash six-minute remix of “Your Body.”

“We had worked with contractor J. Patrick Sulivan on a previous project,” remarked WSDG’s Belo Horizonte, Brazil-based partner/director of design, Renato Cipriano. “He understood the importance of professional recording studio designer/acoustician input on a critical production/listening space, and he recommended us for the assignment.

“The Cat Dealers had dedicated a compact 130 sq. ft. for the production/mixing room they built in their Rio de Janeiro apartment. WSDG project manager Alan Machado and founding partner John Storyk worked together to determine the most effective—and best sounding—use of the space,” Cipriano says.

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“We have created a number of compact ‘vest-pocket’ rooms, and for the Cat Dealers, we developed a unique ceiling cloud configuration and highly effective custom perforated wood, low frequency wall and ceiling treatments. We engaged sophisticated acoustical room simulations to refine our design program with a fully balanced frequency response and controlled sound decay.”

The Cat Dealers’ production room benefits from low frequency treatments installed behind the fabric finishes to maintain the room’s spare, clean and efficient look. The dedicated futuristic space is equipped with an RGB LED lighting system for full creative inspiration. Focal SM9 audio monitors carefully tuned to the client’s personal taste with a high-end DSP processor to establish a universal sweet spot throughout the compact space.

“Judging from their consistent chart track record, we hit the mark on all counts,” Cipriano concludes.

Brothers Lugui (Luiz Guilherme Cardoso) and Pedrão (Pedro Henrique Cardoso) are reportedly ranked among the “top three most influential DJs/producers in the Brazilian music scene.” Their recent “Keep On Lovin’” hit confirms their continuing popularity with multi-million Spotify plays and YouTube views.

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