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Yamaha 02R96 Version 2

Version 2 software and five add-on effects packages (Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP) for the 02R96 digital mixing console

Version 2 software and five add-on effects packages (Mac OS X,Windows 2000/XP) for the 02R96 digital mixing console were announced atWinter NAMM. Version 2 software includes almost 50 new features,including Studio Manager V. 2, expanded DAW control,application-specific functions and the capability to run the new add-oneffects packages.

The Version 2 Upgrade Kit will be available in March 2004, andprovides improved editing, librarian and remote-control functions forthe Yamaha 02R96 while retaining the user’s ability to control allconsole parameters from a computer via a graphic interface. Functionsare displayed onscreen in logical, easy-to-understand pages. StudioManager V. 2 provides a platform of total system recall where multiplecompatible-format products are being used (for example, multiple 02R96or SPX2000 units).

“The Yamaha 02R96 has become a real standard for all types ofrecording and mixing applications,” commented Wayne Hrabak, marketingmanager of Yamaha Professional Audio. “With the addition of V. 2software, users will be able to enjoy even greater flexibility,performance and functionality.”

Available in the first and second quarters of 2004 for the upgraded02R96 (or 02R96V2, shipping in February), the five add-on effectspackages are designed to be used separately or in combination. Eachpackage has been produced with proprietary Virtual Circuitry Modeling(VCM), which reproduces the physical modeling of analog circuitry downto the component level, including capacitors and resistors. Packagesinclude reverb, vintage stomp, channel strip, master strip and surroundpost.

“The VCM technology doesn’t merely duplicate the sounds of existingvintage equipment,” said John Schauer, product manager at YamahaProfessional Audio. “You can actually create the best-quality ‘gear’from those virtual components. It provides, in essence, the power tobuild your own custom effects. Having that power brings an entirely newdimension to the 02R96 or to a specific task.”

The Reverb package, AE31, includes the advanced REV-X algorithm fromthe Yamaha SPX2000. Programs include REV-X HALL, REV-X ROOM and REV-XPLATE. Channel Strip, AE11, includes two new mono/stereo compressorsand a 6-band parametric EQ, each modeled after a combination of populardevices. Master Strip, AE21, features OpenDeck, a tape deck emulatorthat allows the user to select the Record and Reproduction decks, tapespeed and type independently. For musical instrument applications, theVintage Stomp package features the sounds of phasing stomp boxes,including Max100, Vintage Phaser and Dual Phaser. For audiopost-production or ADR applications, the Surround Post package includesRoom ER, a surround room simulator for early reflections; Auto Doppler(Doppler effect); and Field Rotation, which will rotate the perspectiveof entire 5.1 fields.

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