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Yamaha Adds to DME DSP Processors

Yamaha Commercial Audio offers two new additions to the DME family of programmable DSP processors:

Yamaha Commercial Audio offers two new additions to the DME familyof programmable DSP processors: the DME24N and DME64N (pictured)Digital Mixing Engines.

Available in the third quarter of 2004, the new entries offerincreased DSP power, high sonic quality and the ability to control thesystem from Ethernet, USB, RS232/422 or MIDI, in addition to animproved DME Designer programming and control software.

Equipped with twice the processing power of the original YamahaDME32, the DME24N features up to 24 channels of I/O (including eightbuilt-in analog I/O). Inputs will accept mic/line-level signal, andadditional digital and analog I/O is also available via a single MY(mini-YGDAI) card slot. Remote connections also include eightEuroblock-type GPI connectors.

The DME64N features four times the processing power of the DME32,and includes up to 64 channels of I/O. Four mini-YGDAI slots willaccept a full range of 8- or 16-channel digital and analog I/O cards. Acascade connection will allow up to eight DME64N units to work intandem or to connect to the new Yamaha PM5D mixing console.

Both units offer a new front panel headphone output for directmonitoring and the choice of four new control panel options: theGPI-equipped CP4SF (4-button/4-fader), CP4SW (4-button) and CP1SF(single-button/single-fader) and the Ethernet-equipped ICP1 (digitaldisplay with LCD readout, six buttons and parameter wheel).

A complete system can be developed using the DME64N or DME24N, theYamaha PM5D and the new 16-channel Yamaha MY16-C CobraNet YGDAIexpansion card. Equipped with primary and secondary CobraNet ports, theMY16-C will provide a seamless audio connection with any CobraNetnetwork and will also provide integrated control between the DME andPM5D. Using direct control, the PM5D can use the DME24N or DME64N as amatrix expander (max 40×60 matrix with DME64N), speaker controller(crossovers, EQ and delay) and an effects expander (graphic EQ andmulti-effects).

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