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Yamaha Debuts AD8HR AD Converter

At the recent NSCA Expo 2004, Yamaha debuted the AD8HR AD Converter.

At the recent NSCA Expo 2004, Yamaha debuted the AD8HR AD Converter.The 8-channel AD8HR provides head amplifier circuitry inherited fromthe acclaimed Yamaha PM5000 analog mixing console and supports samplingrates of up to 96kHz for smooth integration with digital mixers.

The 1RU AD8HR contains a full range of analog and digitalinterfaces, plus all the functions required for effective and flexiblelive mixing. The front panel provides quick operation and instantrecognition in live situations, while each channel contains integratedhighpass filters and phantom power supplies.

With the Head Amp Remote Control function, channel phantom power andhighpass filter cut-off frequencies may be switched on and off byremote control, making it possible for the AD8HR to be used as a stagebox. This function also allows the unit’s mic preamp to beremotely controlled in 1dB steps from digital mixing consoles (such asthe Yamaha DM2000 and DM1000, with software upgrades to Version 2). Upto 255 AD8HRs can be daisy-chained together using a standard 9-pinRS422 and a digital connection via AES/EBU.

Rear panel connections include eight XLR inputs, BNC-typeinput/output connectors for Word Clock and two D-SUB25 pin AES/EBUdigital output terminals. Remote control can be accessed by using aswitchable PC/RS422 9-pin terminal. MSRP: $2,200.

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