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Yamaha Helps out ‘Arrested Development’

Composer David Schwartz (aka d Fly, pictured) recently upgraded his workspace with two new Yamaha 02R96 digital mixing consoles

Composer David Schwartz (aka d Fly, pictured) recently upgraded hisworkspace with two new Yamaha 02R96 digital mixing consoles just intime for his latest project: scoring and writing original music for theFox television series, Arrested Development.

“It’s a very funny, smart show,” Schwartz said. “We often haveupward of 15 minutes of music for each half-hour episode. We’re doing22 episodes this season, and every week is mostly newmusic—everything from alternative rock to sambas.

“The new 02R96s allowed me to simplify my studio and simultaneouslyhave more power,” Schwartz continued. “We were able to get rid of fiveanalog and two digital patchbays, a separate master section andstreamline from four down to two cascaded consoles, which gives thefeeling of having one large desk. We also sold all our outboardconverters, as we prefer the sound of the [02R]96’s. The new boardsdropped into my original custom desks, so the installation was easy.Learning the new features took a few days.

“My engineer can be mixing while I record or edit. The EQ anddynamics are very strong, and the Studio Manager software is veryuseful. I can save scenes from either my keyboard composing setup orfrom the console. Overall, the sound is a significant improvement overthe original 02R, and I never miss my old analog board. As far asflexibility is concerned, the routing allows me to have differentsetups for records, film or mixing work, and everything can be recalledat the touch of a button. We have six Lightpipe and two AES SR cards,which allow me to clock my seven vintage Roland 760 samplers, eventhough they’re lacking word clock inputs. That also applies to my DATmachines and the like. We’re also using the 02R96’s onboard effects andEQ, plus TDM plug-ins. Now I can use my Teletronix LA-2A or MassenburgEQ without losing quality from the converters. I’m also looking forwardto the V2 plug-ins.”

Schwartz’s latest work has included Maximum Bob,Leap of Faith, Wolf Lake, The Ellen Show, ColdFeet, Everything’s Relative, The John LarroquetteShow and Beverly Hills 90210. His film and tele-film creditsinclude Magic in the Water, My Little Assassin,Deadman’s Revenge, the soon-to-be-released You Stupid Manand VH-1’s Two of Us, based on a fictional post-Beatlesreunion of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

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