Yamaha mLAN16E Expansion Card

The mLAN16E from Yamaha is an expansion board for the recently introduced Motif ES Music Production Synthesizer.

The mLAN16E from Yamaha is an expansion board for the recentlyintroduced Motif ES Music Production Synthesizer.

The mLAN16E provides interface hardware and connections required tolink the Motif ES to an mLAN network, Yamaha's high-performancemusic-networking protocol. This connection—via a IEEE 1394FireWire cable—transforms the Motif ES into a 16-channel,24-bit/96kHz computer audio and MIDI interface, and will also allow theMotif ES to interface with other mLAN products (such as the Yamaha01X).

"Products like the mLAN16E are evidence of the simplicity of mLANand of Yamaha's commitment to the future of the protocol forcomputer-based music production," said Mike Martin, marketing managerof Digital Musical Instruments. "Simply install the mLAN16E in yourMOTIF ES and it becomes an audio interface for your computer."

The mLAN16E includes the mLAN Patchbay application software foraudio and MIDI signal routing on both Macintosh and Windows XP-basedsystems. The mLAN16E is currently available.

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