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Yamaha O.N.E. Systems

Yamaha’s mLAN-based O.N.E. (Open Network Expansion) Systems is a FireWire computer networking protocol

Yamaha’s mLAN-based O.N.E. (Open Network Expansion) Systems isa FireWire computer networking protocol for MIDI and audio that allowsmultiple channels of digital audio and multiple ports of MIDI to betransmitted and controlled via single FireWire cable.

O.N.E. Systems are mLAN systems that allow the user to choosedifferent software and hardware from more than 43 companies with theassurance that it will all connect and function properly.

“By utilizing mLAN, O.N.E. Systems take the hassle out ofconfiguring a computer music studio,” commented Mike Martin, marketingmanager of Digital Musical Instruments. “It’s the perfect solution whenusing products from multiple manufacturers, and it gives customers thefreedom to expand their system with ease.”

Some O.N.E. Systems can be built from gear the user already owns byadding an mLAN expansion card to a product. For example, adding an mLANcard to a Yamaha Motif ES transforms it into an audio interface, a MIDIinterface and hardware-accelerated DSP effects processor for a computerDAW. The user can then connect a mic or a guitar to the Motif’s A/Dinputs and record to the DAW software. In addition, the Motif’s inserteffects can be used to process the signal. The user can select up to 16channels on the Motif ES to be simultaneously recorded directly to theDAW.

Larger O.N.E. Systems can include the Yamaha 01X mLAN mixing studiocombined with products such as the Motif ES or the new i88X audio andMIDI interface. When connected to the 01X, the i88X provides 16mic/line A/D inputs, two high-performance mic preamps, ADAT I/O,multiport MIDI interfaces and 12 analog outputs.

O.N.E Systems can be expanded using additional mLAN products fromYamaha, as well as mLAN products from other manufacturers, includingconverters and preamps from Apogee, Tube Preamps from PreSonus andeffects processing from Kurzweil.

O.N.E. Systems provide comprehensive software support on Windows XP,Apple OS 9.2 and OS X platforms. This includes full support for Cubase(SX/SL), Nuendo (Version 1.61 and higher), Sonar (2.2 and higher),Logic (Platinum 5.3 and higher), Digital Performer (3.1 and higher),Yamaha SQ01 V. 2 and many other applications.

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