Yamaha PC Music Studio Kit

Loaded with three programs from acclaimed software and multimedia manufacturer Magix, the new Yamaha PC Music Studio Kit

Loaded with three programs from acclaimed software and multimediamanufacturer Magix, the new Yamaha PC Music Studio Kit (PCMSKIT II)package contains user-friendly, step-by-step lessons and games designedto develop musical skills and turn a PC/MIDI keyboard combination intoa virtual recording studio.

"With the addition of Magix software, the Yamaha PCMSKIT IIrepresents a complete upgrade from previous versions," said BryanSavage, manager of Yamaha Accessory Products. "This package nowprovides the traditional home computer user with a fun, interactive wayto not only hone playing skills, but also to learn to read and writemusic, and even explore basic recording techniques."

Programs include Piano and Keyboard Workshop, MIDI Studio and AudioStudio.

Piano and Keyboard Workshop contains challenging lessons and a loopfeature for practice. Users can load any MIDI file and learn to playit.

MIDI Studio creates and mixes multitrack MIDI recordings (up to 128tracks), adds instant accompaniment or drum tracks, transposes orchanges velocity/length, and will compose and print music scores to adesktop printer.

With Audio Studio, audio data can be converted to digital data andstored on a PC. Up to 16 live vocal and instrumental tracks may berecorded and edited, and even layered with digital effects. Users mayimport, edit and add sound files to their project mix.

The Yamaha PCMSKIT II includes a computer-to-keyboard interface, andis currently available. For more information, visit www.yamaha.com. Formore new product announcements, visit mixonline.com/products_new_products/index.htm.