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Yamaha Pitch Fix, Vocal Rack, Final Master Plug-Ins

Yamaha released three new Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-ins for specific audio applications:

Yamaha released three new Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-insfor specific audio applications: Pitch Fix, Vocal Rack and FinalMaster. The plugs are compatible with Windows (XP/2000/ME/98/98SE) andMac (OS 9.x/X) formats.

Pitch Fix (pictured), the first implementation of Yamaha’sproprietary formant pitch correction and pitch-shifting technology,will operate with any VST/Audio Units–compatible software. Thispitch-correction utility uses formant shifting to preserve the originalsignal’s quality without creating artifacts or distortion. PitchFix also features user scales, custom pitch-detecting algorithms,pitch-correct rate control and formant shifting.

Based on Yamaha’s algorithms, Vocal Rack is a VST/Audio Unitsplug-in that includes 20 presets using several processing tools,including a highpass filter, compressor, harmonic enhancer, 3-band EQ,de-esser, gate and delay.

Final Master is also a VST/Audio Unit plug-in based onYamaha’s algorithms, and features a multiband compressor/limiterwith adjustable frequency control, three soft clipping models andpre-seek look-ahead technology.

MSRPs for the plugs are: Pitch Fix, $299; Vocal Rack, $199; andFinal Master, $199.

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