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yellow DOG Adds Second API 1608

Austin, TX (November 23, 2010)--Less than a year after installing its first 32-channel API 1608 desk, Austin's yellow DOG Studios has added a second.

Austin, TX (November 23, 2010)–Less than a year after installing its first 32-channel API 1608 desk, Austin’s yellow DOG Studios has added a second.

“I think the industry standard is to have different consoles in each room of a facility,” said studio co-owner and producer/arranger Ed Robinson, “but we decided to cut against the grain and go with a second 1608. The concept of needing the tone of different desks is outdated with the presence of the API consoles and with the flexibility they offer. Additionally, the 1608 we already have is amazing, and in the end, I want our projects to make a smoother migration to the mix phase.”

Last December, Robinson and his business partner, producer/engineer David Percefull, had ordered an API 1608 for their recording console in Studio One. According to Robinson, performing both tracking and mixing in that same space became a competition “right out of the gate.” yellow DOG’s growing popularity showed Percefull and Robinson the not-so-distant need to acquire more space–and another console.

That point became very apparent to the two partners during Austin’s last SXSW festival. “We had dozens of artists through the studio during the festival,” said Robinson. “April and May bookings were instantly completely filled.” Although yellow DOG already had two separate studios, Studio Two was solely devoted to post-production. That May, the studio owners saw an opportunity in the available commercial space adjacent to yellow DOG. They leased it, commissioned the second 1608 through API dealer Mercenary Audio, and created Studio Three.

The first project scheduled for mixing in Studio Three is a new full-length recording by bluesman Pinetop Perkins, with more projects scheduled for the coming months. “Already having a 1608, we expect more of the same–excellent tone, punch, headroom and the flexibility to use different 500 series modules,” said Percefull. “It’s gonna rock.”