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Yorkville Sound Micro P.A. Packages

The Yorkville M8P1 and M8P2 (pictured) packages offer a professional full-featured mixer, ample output power and high-quality full-range loudspeakers.

The Yorkville M8P1 and M8P2 (pictured) packages offer a professionalfull-featured mixer, ample output power and high-quality full-rangeloudspeakers. Both Yorkville PA Mate packages are ready to go right outof the box and include an Apex dynamic handheld microphone, all of therequired cables and a versatile packaging and transportationsolution.

The Yorkville PA Mate packages include the M8 powered mini mixer, atrue stereo 85-watt (@ 4 ohm) per channel powered mixer. It offers fourXLR balanced microphone channels and two full stereo channels, eachwith full EQ and independent level controls. Microphone channelsdeliver phantom power, and a 4-band master EQ is also included.

To transport the PA Mate, two separate ergonomically designed paddedcarrying bags are included. Bag one carries one speaker and the M8powered mixer, while bag two carries the other speaker and theaccessories kit. Each bag weighs less than 25 pounds fully loaded. Thetwo bags can be securely attached together to facilitate shipping andstorage as a single unit.

The NX84 loudspeaker is loaded with a single 8-inch woofer and a1-inch horn driver, and is capable of delivering 125 watts with a 90Hzto 16kHz frequency response. Integrated pole-mount stand adaptor andfully recessed handle come standard.

The M8P1 package has all of the same features of the M8P2, but usesthe slightly smaller Coliseum Series C170 loudspeaker.

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