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Zen and the Art of PlantaSonica

PlantaSonica Recording Studio in Spain's Galicia region has installed Audient's Zen console as part of a studio overhaul.

Vigo, Spain (August 4, 2011)–PlantaSonica Recording Studio in Spain’s Galicia region has installed Audient’s Zen console as part of a studio overhaul.

Now owned by the recently formed PlantaSonica S.L. company, and managed by 29-year-old producer Pancho Suarez, the studio has been transformed following the modernization.

“It’s great to see the studio have a new lease of life, not least because we often take customers to the studio for equipment demonstrations,” said Sergio Castro of Audient distributor, Reflexion Arts. Originally designed by British acoustician Philip Newell and built by Reflexion Arts in 1997, the studio has been upgraded with brand-new equipment including the Audient Zen with a Signex patchbay and a Black Series BlackRack with five EQs and five compressors. Audient’s Zen combines analogue mixing technology with DAW integration, blending the two formats.

Complementing the Audient hardware are converters by Lynx, Apogee and Digidesign, alongside a collection of mics including Neumann, Sanken, Violet-Designs, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure and more. New components have been used in the Reflexion Arts monitor systems and audio and power cabling have been fitted. In addition, new air conditioning and ventilation systems have been installed and new fabric mounted on every wall. AKA Design furniture completes the look.

“It’s a great space again–even better than before,” said Castro, when asked about the upgrade. “There’s direct daylight streaming into all three rehearsal rooms, offices and bar area. The control room is now fantastically equipped, too. It’s going to make a great center to bring customers again,” he said.