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Evil Twin Produces Radiohead Spots

Los Angeles-based Evil Twin Productions ( recently finished up TV and radio spots for Radiohead's latest release, Hail to the Thief.

Los Angeles-based Evil Twin Productions ( recently finished upTV and radio spots for Radiohead’s latest release, Hail to theThief. “We used minimal voice-over, allowing Radiohead’s first track, ‘ThereThere,’ to be the main focus,” commented Evil Twinco-founder Harri Mark. Co-founder Kristin Armfield added, “Wewanted the music to take center stage. We pretty much only used [SonicFoundry’s] Vegas: from the music edit to voice-over recording and mix.Though in our opinion, it’s the creative talent — editors,voice-over talent, producers — behind the equipment, not theequipment itself, that makes the spot. Oh, and dogs. We find it helpsto have dogs in the edit room: They’re our muse, if youwill.”

Evil Twin has also worked on spots for Lisa Marie Presley, GreenDay, 50-Cent, Michelle Branch, Steely Dan, Nirvana and many others.

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