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Hans Zimmer


With a staggering body of work, including memorable scores for such films as Rain Man, The Lion King and Gladiator, Hans Zimmer is one of the most brilliant and prolific composers of our time, earning a best music Oscar and two Grammys. In addition to these top accolades, he is a world-class audio technologist and visionary trend-setter. As a fledgling assistant music editor at Media Ventures in the mid-’90s, I watched Hans in amazement and I developed an appreciation for how he ushered in the use of custom orchestral samples, which at the time required dizzying arrays of hardware samplers. Then with the advent of software samplers and high-quality sample libraries, Hans legitimized the use of this technology, resulting in the democratization of music composition for many aspiring musicians and composers around the world. Lastly, he is a thoughtful, generous and caring mentor who has nurtured the careers of many composers through the spirit of collaboration — all of this makes him a modern legacy and an inspiration to us all.
Michel Henein, audio technology guru

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