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Mix Presents Sound for Film: And the Award Goes To… MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

Mix Presents Sound for Film: And the Award Goes To…


The fourth installment of director George Miller’s Mad Max franchise hit theaters with a boom last spring, in a full immersive Dolby Atmos experience. Superivising sound editor Mark Mangini, who keynoted the Mix Sound for Film event at Sony Pictures, explained how the art of sound design contributed to crucial scenes, amid the vehicles, weapons and battle scenes. Nonstop action didn’t get in the way of a dynamic and tasteful selection of futuristic, yet organic sounds. The vehicles alone seem worthy of a nomination, as their movement and tone drives the track. Note the integration of Junkie XL’s music track as it weaves in and out of the effects track and buttresses the action.

Director: George Miller

Movie Studio: Village Roadshow Pictures, Warner Bros.

Sound Re-Recording Facility: Warner Bros. Post Production Services

Re-Recording Mixers: Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff

Additional Re-Recording: Steve Maslow, Greg Fitzgerald, Wayne Pashley, Peter Purcell

Sound Designer: Mark Mangini, Christopher S. Aud, Chuck Michael, Julian Slater, David White

Supervising Sound Editor: Mark A. Mangini, Scott Hecker

Sound Editorial: Phil Barrie, sound effects editor; Nigel Christensen, sound effects editor; Jared Dwyer, sound effects editor; Mario Gabriele, sound effects editor; Andrew Miller, sound effects editor; Emma Mitchell, sound effects editor; Michael W. Mitchell, sound effects editor; Stuart Morton, sound effects editor; Fabian Sanjurjo, sound effects editor; Alicia Slusarski, sound effects editor; Chris Ward, sound editor; Pernell L. Salinas, assistant sound editor; Beth Bezzina, assistant sound editor; Mia Stewart, assistant sound editor; Tara Webb, assistant sound editor; Gareth Evans, sound assistant; Yulia, Akerholt, supervising dialog editor; Mark Franken, supervising dialog editor; Kira Roessler, supervising dialog editor; Sonal Joshi, dialog editor; Ines Richter, dialog editor; Danielle Wiessner, dialog editor; Daniel Brown, ADR recordist; James Ezra, ADR recordist; Jay Fisher, ADR mixer; Nick Kray, ADR mixer; Thomas J. O’Connell, ADR mixer; Jason Oliver, ADR mixer; Andy Stallabrass, ADR mixer; Dave Wilson, ADR mixer; Michael Magill, ADR editor; Dan Johnston, Foley artist; Mario Vaccaro, Foley artist; Duncan McAllister, Foley recordist; Andrew Simmons, Foley editor; Blair Slater, Foley mixer/Foley editor; Ryan Squires, Foley mixer; 

Production Sound Mixer: Ben Osmo, Derek Mansvelt

Music By: Junkie XL (as Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL)

Music Wrangler: Bob Badami

Music Editor: Alex Gibson, music editor; Ryan Rubin, music editor; Katrina Schiller, music editor; Craig Beckett, assistant music editor