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Mix Presents Sound for Film: And the Award Goes To… The Peanuts Movie

Mix Presents Sound for Film: And the Award Goes To…

The Peanuts Movie

Animated films don’t traditionally fare too well in the main Oscar voting categories, with a few exceptions. However, they are playgrounds for the technical categories, and the sound team at Skywalker, led by the master, Randy Thom, has loads of experience, from films in the Pixar franchise to How to Train Your Dragon. Bringing the Peanuts characters to the big screen seemed like a natural for the new generation of moviegoers and while it didn’t exactly light up the box office, it did put forth a track that neatly bridges the base sounds of the everyday world with some of the exaggerated realism we expect from the best of animation.

Director: Steve Martino

Movie Studio: Twentieth-Century Fox

Sound Re-Recording Facility: Skywalker Sound

Re-Recording Mixers: Randy Thom, Bruce Buehlman, Lora Hirschberg

Additional Re-Recording: Leff Lefferts; Danielle Dupre, assistant re-recording mixer;

Sound Designer: Randy Thom

Supervising Sound Editor: Randy Thom, Gwendolyn Yates Whittle

Assistant Supervising Sound Editor: Leff Lefferts

Sound Editorial: Jeremy Bowker, sound effects editor; Dmitri Makarov, sound effects editor; Mac Smith, sound effects editor; Richard Gould, assistant sound editor; Pascal Garneau; Foley supervisor; Sean England, Foley artist; Jason Butler, Foley mixer; Kimberly Patrick, Foley editor; Kristin Catuogno, sound recordist; Cheryl Nardi, dialog and ADR editor; 

Production Sound Mixer:

Music By: Christophe Beck

Music Scoring Mixer: Casey Stone

Music Supervisor: John Houlihan

Music Editor: Fernand Bos