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Mix Presents Sound for Film: And the Award Goes To… Southpaw

Mix Presents Sound for Film: And the Award Goes To…


Antoine Fuqua makes intense, gritty, real movies, and his soundtracks reflect that. Think back to Training Day or last year’s The Equalizer. David Esparza returns as sound designer, as he has for the last three Fuqua films; same for supervising sound editor Mandell Winter. The mix team of Pederson-Leahy has been onboard since Training Day in 2001. A solid team, with a track full of in-ring punches and street battles and training gyms and locker rooms. Intensity does well in awards season. A dynamic, reality-based track on steroids. Note, it’s one of three James Horner scores released posthumously this year.

Director: Antoine Fuqua

Movie Studio: The Weinstein Company

Sound Re-Recording Facility: Sony Pictures Studios

Re-Recording Mixers: Daniel J. Leahy, Steve Pederson

Additional Re-Recording: Roberto Cappannelli, uncredited

Sound Designer: David Esparza

Supervising Sound Editor: Mandell Winter

Sound Editorial: Ryan Collins, sound effects editor; Eryne Pine, first assistant sound editor; Christopher Eakins, dialog editor; Robert Troy, dialog editor; Mark DeSimone, ADR mixer; Howard London, ADR mixer; Chris Navarro, ADR mixer; Beauxregard Neylon, ADR mixer; Reed Lovell, ADR mixer uncredited; Lauren Hadaway, ADR editor; John Sanacore, supervising Foley editor, Foley mixer; Amy Kane, Foley artist 

Production Sound Mixer: Ed Novick

Music By: James Horner

Music Scoring Mixer: Simon Rhodes

Music Supervisor: John Houlihan

Music Editor: Barbara McDermott