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Auralex Acoustics introduces the first "green" acoustical foam product on the market. StudioFoam brand products now include soy components, reducing petroleum-based chemical usage by up to 60%. The new Eco-Friendly StudioFoam is available in the same color choices and cuts as the original. There is no increase in cost to either the dealer or consumer. The new offering meets and exceeds the quality of product and testing data (acoustical and fire) that the professional consumer demands.


ZSound is a line of specialty acoustic treatments that include 4-inch mineral rock-wool absorber panels, diffuser panels providing hemispherical or planar 3-D/2-D field sound-reflection scattering, and bass absorbers that control deep low-frequency reflection using resonator and frictional methods. Developed by top acoustic researchers and musicians at ZS International, this line of acoustical treatments is ideal for recording and performance environments and were featured at the 50th Grammy Awards. NAB booth: N1636.


The RealTraps product line provides high-performance acoustic treatment at affordable prices. Our popular MiniTraps and MondoTraps set the standard for absorption at low frequencies, and are far more effective below 100 Hz than typical corner foam. Our products mount easily without glue or permanent wall damage, or they can be used with our optional stands for portability. All are Class-A fire-rated and can be installed with confidence in public venues.


Using almost exclusively natural fibers, Echotouch offers an extremely high Noise-Reduction Coefficient (NRC) to effectively reduce airborne sound transmissions, including traffic, airplanes, radio, television and conversation. These fibers contain excellent sound-absorption qualities while the patented manufacturing process produces a three-dimensional infrastructure that effectively traps, isolates and contains sound waves. Features include Class-A fire rating, no formaldehyde, no itch or skin irritation, durable denim/cotton padding and contain no Fiberglas.


An entirely new kind of acoustic panel made from expanded polypropylene bead foam. Cel panels are resilient, incredibly durable, and resistant to oils, grease, most chemicals and water. Cel panels are completely washable. Cel panels are easily installed for improving sound control in environments such as gymnasiums, ice rinks, swimming pools and other challenging environments. Cel panels are nonfibrous, and are ideal for use in environments such as clean rooms, laboratories and food preparation areas.


Five-sided enclosures engineered to fit in the corner of a room, with the largest booth having the approximate volume of a 7_7-foot room and offered in single- or double-wall designs. For portability, the booth can be taken down an unlimited number of times, and offers active ventilation, lighting, windows and cable passage. Options include various colors, foams, fabrics, windows, wood floors and more. Standard and custom sizes range from 4_4 up to 16_16 feet. NAB booth: SL9712.