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Designed by Russ Berger for Auralex Acoustics, pArtScience AudioTile redefines the aesthetics of acoustical absorption. Tesselated forms present unlimited design possibilities for a sophisticated, custom appearance that is precisely tailored to the desired acoustical performance. Varying thickness built into each component delivers excellent broadband absorption, while the design patterns allow a unique means of blending absorption, diffusion and reflection for the optimum acoustical balance. Auralex’s proprietary Studiofoam formula provides superior durability and Class-B flame retardancy. Price: $119. AES booth: #150.


Designed by Russ Berger for Auralex Acoustics, the pArtScience SpaceArray combines excellent hemispherical acoustical diffusion with a top-quality wood finish. Based on a quasi-random series that provides superior performance without visual patterning, the SpaceArray is ideal for control rooms, auditoriums, performance venues, listening rooms, home theaters and worship spaces. Strong and light weight, the beautiful 24x24-inch solid wood panels install easily and can be used in a variety of placement options. Price: $399. AES booth: #150.


Now in production, Bag End’s revolutionary, tunable electronic bass E-Trap is a first-of-its-kind electronic feedback control system incorporated in a powered subwoofer that creates the same dynamics as a passive bass trap. This is an active feedback coloration control solution that adds dampening to the low-frequency acoustic mode and smoothes out the magnitude of frequency response in a room, thus eliminating the need for passive acoustic materials. Price: $998. AES booth: #643.


Founded by a team of industry veterans, Intelligent Acoustics offers an affordable single-source solution for customers seeking help with design and acoustical treatment of interior spaces. In addition to marketing products from Illbruck, Kinetics and RPG, the company is launching an innovative range of acoustical doors (some with exotic woods), gobos (moveable floor-standing baffles), clouds and variable acoustical panels for studios and other acoustically critical environments. AES booth: #560.


MondoTraps broadband acoustic panels feature very high absorption down to the lowest frequencies. Only slightly larger than MiniTraps, MondoTraps are effective to below 40 Hz. MondoTraps can be installed permanently or mounted on optional stands ($80). This is our most powerful bass trap and will greatly improve your ability to record and mix accurately in any room. For product details, tutorials and videos about room acoustics, please see our Website. Price: $299 each. AES booth: #1038.


Control rooms often exhibit poor low-frequency response with significant emphasis at modal resonances. Porous surface absorption is ineffective because the air motion it requires is essentially zero when near room boundaries. The Modex Broadband was developed to offer broadband absorption effective from 50 to 5k Hz in a thickness of only four inches. Every now and then, a new technology comes along that changes everything. Now you can absorb more bass in less space! Price: $999 USD. AES booth: #1062.


Roundffusor1 has a main body and two lateral drivers for wall/ceiling mounting. It works simultaneously in two ways: as a clean MF/HF diffuser and as a self-controlled LF, acting like a complex Helmholtz resonator. The listener is simply immersed in the sound without any coloration. Additionally, the sweet spot expands so that almost every person in the room senses the same mix. Applications include recording/broadcast studios, churches, home theater, cinemas, film mix/dubbing stages, mastering and serious listening rooms. Price: 85 Euros.
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