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Aderra’s New PushOvr Content Technology Appears on USB ‘Dog Tag’


Photo: Thaddeus Bridwell

Aderra Inc.—a company based in Los Angeles that provides digital distribution of live concert recordings on USB flash drives or via downloads to mobile phones—recently announced a proprietary technology for content delivery that it calls PushOvr, which enables a USB dog tag to store an artist’s live concert recordings, albums, videos and photos, as well as to automatically receive updated content from the artist via the Internet, when connected. Southern California garage-pop band Killola recently adopted Aderra’s new content sharing platform, creating its own Killola Dogtags.

“Fearless Killola is forward thinking and dedicated to their fans,” says Aderra President Edward Donnelly. “Each time we introduce a new facet of our technology, they take full advantage and push it to the limit to create something that connects them directly to their fans.” Killola says that it will release new music and live performances as they happen.

Killola’s USB dog tag

Fans who purchase the Killola USB dog tag receive the band’s new album, Let’s Get Associated, as well as their previous studio albums— I Am The Messer (2008) and Louder! Louder! (2006). Reportedly, when fans plug the USB drive into a computer, they will also receive exclusive updates from the band including new songs, remixes, live recordings, music videos and photos.

For example, once the band feels that a new song is ready to be sent to their fans, they can upload it onto their USB network, which then distributes it instantly to USB owners. “It’s not just MP3 files on a disk,” explains Killola front woman Lisa Rieffel. “The USB drive is interactive. It has sounds, pages, navigation, pictures, HD videos, hidden Easter eggs, and ‘living’ content. You can click through the Killola USB album for a good hour, just finding stuff and geeking-out on the experience.”

A streaming video of a live performance is planned for Thursday, July 22. It will be broadcast simultaneously worldwide and accessible only to fans with the USB. Let’s Get Associated will also be available via physical CD on August 10, and digital distribution channels such as iTunes.

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