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Advantage Audio, Flyte Tyme Announce Bryston Installs

Post-production facility Advantage Audio Inc. of Burbank, Calif. and Flyte Tyme Productions in Santa Monica, Calif., owned by Grammy Award winning producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, have chosen Bryston amplifiers and crossovers.

Advantage Audio counts Disney, Nickelodeon and Sony among its clients, and uses Bryston throughout its entire multi-room complex, which includes three 5.1 mixing stages, an ADR control room and four sound design/editorial suites. “The whole facility uses Bryston amplifiers because they are clean sounding and built like a battleship—they perform for us each and every day,” explains Advantage Audio president Jim Hodson. “Bryston is a class act—they have a wonderful reputation in both pro and consumer audio for performance and reliability.”

Flyte Tyme Productions’ Los Angeles area studio was built from the ground up in a two-story industrial space and comprises five studios, five control rooms and space for live recording. “Initially, we used the Bryston 14B SST to drive the monitors in our main control room because it gave us the power we needed, and from there we decided to utilize Bryston throughout all of the systems here at Flyte Tyme,” says engineer Matt Marrin. “We have quite a large number of Bryston amplifiers and active crossovers here, and we really run them hard. Their performance, reliability and 20-year warranty all beat out the competition, and it is telling that the Bryston products are respected in both pro and consumer circles.”

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