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AECG Appoints Evan Medow as President, Music Publishing

Music industry veteran Evan Medow has joined AECG (Alan Ett Creative Group) as a partner and as president of the newly named Opus 19 Music, AECG’s music publishing arm. AECG president and CEO Alan Ett made the announcement.

In October, AECG expanded its activities in worldwide entertainment by creating a partnership with Fuji Media Holdings through its U.S. subsidiary, Fuji Entertainment America (FEA). Through this partnership, the Japanese media conglomerate is re-establishing its North American footprint after it sold Windswept Holdings LLC in mid-2007. Medow, the former CEO of Windswept, will acquire new assets on behalf of FEA that will be administered outside Japan and Southeast Asia by AECG, a pre-eminent full-service music provider for all aspects of the media community. During Medow’s nearly 20-year tenure at Windswept, he was widely respected for taking a proactive role in finding and developing catalogs, songs and songwriters. Under his supervision, the company became one of the premier independent music publishing companies in the world.

Medow’s first deal for FEA and AECG is the acquisition of the Los Angeles—based companies Six Palms Music and Third Story Music, home to a classic repertoire that includes compositions by Tom Waits (“Ol ’55,” “Tom Traubert’s Blues,” “I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love With You”), Alice Cooper (“School’s Out” and “Eighteen”), Fred Neil (“Everybody’s Talkin’”) as well as “Hey Joe” (as recorded by Jimi Hendrix and others) and 1,800 other copyrights.

“There couldn’t be a better fit for our company,” says Ett. “With Medow’s highly skilled background in the music industry and his relationship with Fuji and extensive industry contacts, he’s ideal for the position.”

“Alan and I share a common vision of the future in this time of change in the music business,” says Medow. “Our relationship with FEA provides us with the resources to acquire and develop music that we find interesting. With the pervasive use of music in all types of media, the combined capabilities and catalogs of the new publishing company and AECG will allow us to provide or create music for any user.”

“Six Palms’ classic copyrights, such as ‘Everybody’s Talkin’,’ have endured over generations and have had a constant appeal in the current era of change. We designed FEA/AECG partnership as a platform to acquire classic catalogs and develop new methods of musical rights exploitation,” says Hico Koike, president of FEA.

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