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AES Announces 133rd AES Convention Workshops

133rd AES Convention Workshop Co-Chairs Jeffrey McKnight (left) and David Bowles

AES Convention Workshops Co-Chairs David Bowles and Jeffrey McKnight created a program that includes digital and 3D cinema sound, loudness, and the Height Channel—Adding the Vertical Dimension to Surround Sound. “Dozens of worthwhile proposals are submitted each year,” says Committee Co-Chair Valerie Tyler. “Our Workshops Co-Chairs’ final picks will challenge visitors to budget their time in order to maximize their opportunities to expand their knowledge.” The 133rd AES Convention will be held in San Francisco’s Moscone Center from October 26 to October 29, 2012.

Workshops include Cinema Sound in 3-D (Chair, Christof Faller, author/co-principal, IIusonic in Switzerland); Reconsidering Standards for Cinema Sound—Alternatives to ISO 2969 (Chair, Brian McCarty, Coral Seas Studios in Australia); Post-Production Audio Techniques for Digital Cinema and Ancillary Markets (Chair, Brian McCarty, head of the AES Technical Committee on Sound for Digital Cinema and TV); Loudness Wars—The Wrong Drug? (presented by Thomas Lund, HD Development Manager for TC Electronics); Broadcasters’ Experiences in the Use of Loudness Standards (Lars Jonsson of Swedish Radio); Acoustics and Audio iPhone Apps (Peter Mapp, acoustical consultant, PMA); Mastering for Specific Music Genres (presented by Andres Mayo, Vice Chairman of TC Arms); and Controversy Over “Up-Sampling” (presented by Vicki Melchior, Audio DSP Tech Consultant, Boston).

Other 133rd Convention Workshop Program highlights include Sound Design Tools for Multichannel Audio with Height (Wieslaw Woszczyk, McGill University Center for Interdisciplinary Research In Music Media); Recording Music In 9.1 Height Surround (presented by engineer/producer Morten Lindberg); 3-D Audio Formats (Multichannel Sound with Height), Channel or Object Based (presented by Bert Van Daele); Height Channel—Adding the Vertical Dimension to Surround Sound (Chair, Paul Geluso, teacher and Chief Recording Engineer at NYU Steinhardt); Multi-Microphone Applications and Testing in Telecommunications Systems (presented by Bob Zurek of Motorola); Spatial Audio Evaluation (presented by Sean Olive, Director ofAcoustic Research at Harman International); Toward A Common Definition of a Spatial Audio Object (presnted by Frank Melchior, BBC R&D); MUSHA Reloaded (presented by Judith Liebetrau, Fraunhofer IDMT); What Every Sound Engineer Should Know About the Voice (presented by Eddy Brixen, EBB Consultant); New Delivery Mediums and How To Get There Safely…Or, Jumping On the New Media Express (presented by Jim Kaiser, educator at Belmont University and engineer at MasterMix in Nashville); and Forensic Authentication of Digital Audio (presented by Jeffrey M. Smith).

For scheduling information, go to the AES San Francisco 2012 Calendar of Events.

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